Silicon Energy Cascade Series is not your typical pv module. It is one of the strongest, safest, most durable, and longest lasting modules on the market and it is made in the USA. Silicon Energy sets the bar for quality, as well as aesthetics and versatility. 

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Strength - Certified load rating of 125 psf (front and back) to meet the demands of the highest wind and snow load environments
Safety - Highest possible Class-A fire rating plus a fully enclosed wiring system for unmatched safety
Durability - Double-glass construction bonded with advanced encapsulant has proven exceptional field performance, offers an industry-leading 30-year power warranty, and has outperformed all other modules tested in NREL Test-To-Failure testing for unparalleled customer and installer confidence
Cascading Design - Modules mount together in a shingle-like pattern to allow for increased air flow behind the modules (photovoltaics perform best when cool) and feature an open-frame design for enhanced shedding of snow and debris
Integrated Mounting System - Mounting frame protects and conceals wiring for a rodent-proof and tamper-resistant system, as well as a clean, wireless look; the integrated mounting system is designed for 4' centers for the US market to simplify installation; custom color mounting hardware is available (architectural bronze is standard)
Performance - High efficiency crystalline solar cells maximize power output and a 40+ year usable module life enables long-term energy harvest
Beauty - Sleek glass-on-glass construction allows about 10% light transmission through the modules for integrated applications.  Visit our Partner Solutions page for PV-Integrated Structures.
Versatility - Durable module construction and pass-through lighting allow for use as traditional rooftop and groundmount systems as well as innovative and dual-function integrated installations such as awnings, carports, patio covers, and other shelters and shading structures.


Silicon Energy Cascade Series PV Module

Cascade Series PV Modules and Integrated Mounting System, V2

Cardinal Color Chart- Custom Colors for Mounting Hardware






Made in the U.S.A.

ARRA Compliant